Deans' List

  1. The Dean's Honor List (Dean's list) recognizes exceptional academic performance at the IBA.
  2. It is published twice a year for full-time students (spring and fall) and three times a year for MBA Executive students (spring, summer, and fall).
  3. Separate lists are maintained for each full-time program.
  4. All credit courses are considered for eligibility.
  5. Students on the Dean's list can display the IBA logo on their ID cards as a symbol of distinction.
  6. This recognition also grants benefits such as book discounts.
  7. The special mark indicating Dean's list status is displayed on the student's transcript and in the graduate directory. 

Deans’ List Archive

Criteria for Deans' List

Criteria for Inclusion on Dean's List:

  1. CGPA ≥ 3.5
  2. Completion of at least 4 (3 or more credit hour) courses in a regular semester.
  3. No disciplinary actions during the semester.
  4. No failures in courses.
  5. An academic semester average of 90% or more earns Dean's List with distinction.
  6. Undergraduate students with 3 or fewer courses remaining in their last semester must take 4 or more courses to be eligible, provided other criteria are met.
  7. MBA Executive students must complete 3 (3 or more credit hour) courses in the semester to qualify for the Dean's List.

Award of Medals or Shields

  1. Medal: 1st Position Holder receives an IBA medal.
  2. Shield: 2nd and 3rd Position Holders are awarded shields.
  3. Awards may not be given every year or for every degree program.
  4. Awards are granted only if a program's graduating batch has a minimum of 20 students.

Award List Archive

Criteria for award of medals or shields

  1. Eligibility for Medal: Highest CGPA of 3.5 or higher.
  2. No failures in courses.
  3. Tiebreaker: Higher average percentage marks in case of equal CGPAs.
  4. No award if there's only one eligible candidate.
  5. No distinction based on batches or campuses; all eligible students considered together.
  6. Completion of the normal course load each semester is required.