Transcript & Degree Verification

Formal verification of academic credentials like transcripts, degree and diploma certificates is often required to establish authenticity.

  1. What documents are to be verified?
    1. Original and Duplicate Transcript if Credits,
    2. Degree certificate
    3. Post Graduate Diploma Certificate
  2. When is verification required?
    Verification is often required for:
    1. Admission to other universities,
    2. Immigration
    3. Recruitment
  3. Who may request for verification?
    1. Recruiting organization or companies
    2. Admission offices of university/institution where admission is being sought
    3. Immigration processing agencies
    4. Academic equivalence providers
    5. Scholarship Committees
  4. Application verification?
    1. A formal application in hard copy or email. The application must contain the following information:
      1. Complete title of the program for which verification is being sought
      2. Full name of candidate and his/her father name as mentioned on transcript and degree
      3. Years of admission and graduation
      4. IBA ID number or Enrollment number
      5. Valid contact details with at least one phone number and an email address.
      6. Complete postal address for letter based response or for forwarding of verification e.g. to the admission office of some university.
      7. Reference number if any. This is usually the admission application number.
    2. Photocopies or scanned copies of transcript & degree certificate in case of hard copy or email respectively. Both front and backside of the documents should be sent to the IBA.
  5. Verification Response:
    Verification responses are sent as
    1. Letter of verification.
      If complete postal address has been provided then these are sent via courier. However, if the destination is outside Pakistan then couriering charges of 50 USD will be applicable and proof of payment (hard copy or scanned copy of payment receipt) would be required.
      Alternatively, the verification letter may be collected by the petitioner or an authorized person on behalf of the petitioner upon showing authority letter.
    2. Email of verification
      Verification email is sent to the given email addresses.
  6. Processing Time and Charges:
    Verification responses are dispatched within 3 working days but may take up to 7 to 10 working days if there are many requests in queue.
    There are no charges for verification however if the postal destination is outside Pakistan then 50 USD are charged for sending the letter via normal courier.
  7. Payment options and mechanisms:
    Payment for international courier may be made through:
    1. Faysal Bank after printing of courier charges voucher via IBA website
    2. Online via Credit / Debit / Charge Card
    3. POS machine at main campus using Credit / Debit card


Academic Credential Attestation is a form of verification which is provided on the backside of the original document or on the front of a photocopy.

  1. What is attestation required for?
    Attested academic credentials are often required for:
    1. Admission in a university, college or institute
    2. Recruitment
    3. Immigration
  2. What are the two forms of attestation?
    1. Original attested documents
    2. Attested photocopies of documents that can be optionally sealed.
  3. When is a sealed envelope required?
    Some international institutions and universities require attested documents in a sealed envelope from the degree awarding institution.
  4. What are the contents of the sealed envelope?
    The contents of this sealed envelope are:
    1. Attested photocopy of transcript
    2. Attested photocopy of degree
    3. Cover letter (on request)
    4. Official copy of transcript (on request)
  5. Processing time and charges for courier services:
    Attestation of academic credentials is processed within 3 working days but may take up to 7 to 10 working days if there are many requests in queue.
    There are no charges for sending the attested documents within Pakistan. Courier charges of 50 USD are applicable if the attested documents are to be delivered outside of Pakistan
  6. Mechanism of submitting and collecting documents:
    Documents for attestation should be submitted to verification section of examinations department at the city campus with a formal application addressed to the controller of Examinations.
    Attested documents may be collected by the petitioner or a person who has been authorized by the petitioner at the time of application.
  7. Equivalency of Academic Credentials in Foreign Countries
    Academic equivalency is required for admission to universities or for job permits in foreign countries. Attestation of academic credentials is usually the first step after submission of a formal application for equivalency. The procedure of attestation is as follows:
    1. Attestation of photocopies by the IBA. Attestation of original documents not a requirement but advisable for future reference.
    2. Attested by the HEC according to its guidelines and procedure. For more details please visit the HEC website (degree attestation system)
    3. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Pakistan. For more details please visit the MOFA website (Educational Documents)

Verification of Enrolment Status

  1. What is verification of enrolment status ( Bona fide letter)?
    Verification of enrolment status (bona fide letter) is one in which the university specifies:
    1. Admission and clearance
    2. Duration of the program the student was enrolled in
    3. Courses and credits
    4. English proficiency letter to clarify that that the mode of communication and education for the entirety of the degree was conducted in English
  2. When is verification of enrolment status required?
    Students may request verification for provisional documents during interim periods such as:
    1. An issue with the clearance of dues upon graduating,
    2. Recruitment drives for jobs
    3. Immigration purpose ( Visa approval)
    4. Appointment of internships
    5. For approval of scholarships and funds.
  3. Where verification requests should be sent?
    The verification requests or letters should be sent to the examination department at either main or city campus with the subject "verification" and must be addressed to the controller of examinations.


  1. When is clarification needed?
    Foreign equivalent agencies, such as WES or ICAS, may require
    1. Clarification of academic qualifications
    2. Recruitment or employment
    3. Immigration

Note: Clarification letters maybe requested by writing to the controller of Examinations and will be generated as per the requirement of the petitioner.