The primary goal of rules and regulations is to ensure the quality and standard of education as well as to encourage Professionalism.

They also promote transparency in academic administration through the appropriate definition, communication and implementation of institutional policies. Adherence to rules and regulations by all concerned parties is vital for the proper functioning of the programs. Some of the core elements of the Rules & Regulations pertaining to the academic conduct at IBA are appended below for guidance and compliance by all concerned:

Discipline, punctuality and conformity to schedules and deadlines are basic requirements at the IBA and are expected equally from faculty members and students. This ensures a strong commitment towards professional excellence in all those who come to teach or learn at the IBA.

Good Standing
Students are required to maintain discipline, good conduct and behavior during their studies at the IBA. A student shall be deemed to have lost good standing if his / her conduct and behavior is found objectionable from a disciplinary point of view. Consequently, his / her name shall be dropped from the rolls of the Institute.