Makeup Exam

A. What is a makeup exam?

Makeup exams are conducted in lieu of the actual scheduled exam. The purpose of any makeup exam is to allow students, with legitimate reasons for missing a scheduled exam, to fulfil the requirements of a course, and hence avoid being penalized for factors beyond their control.

B. What are the legitimate reasons for which a makeup-exam can be scheduled?

Extraordinary Circumstance Description Full time students Part time students Required Documents
Medical Conditions

a. Hospitalization due to severe illness or a severe accident which may require hospital stay of more than one day.

b. Day Care procedure and surgery, dialysis, blood transfusion, admission in ICU & CCU for a heart attack.

c. Childbirth or Miscarriage

d. Illness of Offspring or Spouse or Parental/Guardian illness if the student is a single child. (illness of emergency nature like heart attack, surgery, dialysis)


a. Documents that show proof of illness, treat , admittance and discharge from the hospital

b. In case of surgery or any procedure, a letter that is verified by the surgeon must be submitted that can be authenticated


a. Parents / Guardian if they are the main caretakers

b. Spouse

c. Sibling (unmarried or age limited to 21years )

d. Offspring

If the death happens on or a day before the scheduled exam day. Out of town travel for burial is subject to approval of the academic committee.

Appearance for an interview or court proceedings

For specific interviews like CSS or Special Tests like ISSB.

For court proceedings (to be approved by the AC). Joining of a new out of town job in a highly reputed organization.

Subject to approval of the competent authority  
Official Travel

i. What is meant by official? ( brief def and applicability – part time ( evening and MBA executive) students

For Evening & Executive Students or Students serving in the Armed Forces and they have to travel for special tasks. Advance Notification is Required.

No Yes
  • A certificate or official letter from his / her organization giving details of his / her official assignment.
  • Evidence of official travel comprising of tickets or boarding cards for air travel as applicable.
  • Letter from the organizations HR department must be submitted with prior notice of travel. The letter must have complete contact details for the purpose of authentication.
  • For personnel of armed forces the letter of verification has to be approved from the commanding officer. In cases where prior notice cannot be given, documents must be submitted post facto.
  • In case of international travel, copies of entry/exit stamp on the passport, visa pages and the first and second page of the passport must be submitted.
Participation in IBA approved event

In a Pre-Approved Event

  • National or International conferences / seminars / workshops representing the IBA
  • Representing the country / IBA in a reputed sports event at national or international level like Olympics, FIFA etc.
  • Participation in a Student Exchange Program with the permission of the Dean.
Subject to approval of the competent authority  

If the extraordinary circumstances mentioned above do not pertain to the student's condition, then a makeup exam with discounted marks may be approved by the faculty member and respective chairperson. A 15% reduction shall be applicable from the marks obtained for the missed exam.

Note: Students should note exam dates and times that are provided in the beginning of semester, so that they may avoid engagements on those specified dates. An example of this could be scheduling wedding ceremonies around the specified dates.

C. What is the application procedure for a make-up exam?

D. What is the process of administering make-up examinations?

1. Midterm examinations

2. Final examinations are also subject to a make-up examination request. However, in this instance, only a make- up exam may be taken. The examination department would make necessary arrangements for conducting the make-up exam and inform the applicant.

E. Charges for make-up examinations:

The fee for re-take examination under above mentioned circumstances is Rs. 10,000 / - per course.