Normal Course Load for Undergraduate Programs

BS (Computer Science)
1st Semester: 17 credit hours
2nd - 7th Semester: 18 to 20 credit hours
8th Semester: 15 credit hours

18 credit hours per regular semester

BS(Eco and Math)
18 to 19 credit hours per regular semester

15 to 19 credit hours per regular semester

BS(Accounting and finance)
18 credit hours for 1st to 4th semester
15 to 18 credit hours for 5th to 7th semester
12 to 15 credit hours in 8th semester

BS(Social Sciences and Liberal Arts)
Normal course load: 18 credit hours (6 courses) per semester Students taking College Algebra as Non-Credit course:
15 credit hours (5 courses + 1 NC course) in Semester 1
18 credit hours (6 courses) in semesters 2 to 6, and 7 or 8
21 credit hours (7 courses) in either semester 7 or 8

7th Course Policy for Undergraduate Programs
Students are allowed to take a 7th course only under the following conditions:

There is no minimum CGPA requirement in aforementioned cases and students may enroll in their 7th course without obtaining special permission from the Associate Dean. All other students are limited to a maximum of 6 courses including non-credit courses. Students are also encouraged to make up their deficient courses during summer semesters.

An 8th course will be allowed to only those students who will be in their 8th semester in Fall 2017 as a one-time exception, after approval from concerned Associate Dean. Students in the future will not be allowed to enroll in an 8th course.