Withdrawal from a Course

A student may withdraw from courses if such withdrawal helps the student in improving their performance in the remaining courses. Withdrawal from a course is not treated as failure. It does not impact the GPA. A "W" grade would be indicated on the transcript for a withdrawn course. However, once a student has accumulated more than the permissible absences in any course, he / she is not allowed to withdraw from that course and is awarded an 'F'.

Full-time students are allowed to withdraw from two courses in a semester.

Part-time students are allowed to withdraw from some or all of the courses for which they have registered in a semester.

MBA Executive participants can withdraw from a course within one week after the announcement of mid-term exam result.

Withdrawals from courses can be requested by submission of the course withdrawal form to the respective program office within one week after announcement of midterm/second term examination result in a regular semester or within one week after announcement of midterm examination results in the summer semester. The prescribed withdrawal form can be obtained from the program office or downloaded from the IBA portal.